Number 1 best price in Quebec: $687 + taxes, no hidden fees

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For a respectful, personalized and professional guidance.

Actuel Funeral Services distinguishes itself by offering respectful and professional funeral arrangements at the lowest prices in the Quebec market. Founded in 2004, Actuel Funeral Services  is committed in providing their clients respectful and professional service and to understanding the needs, budget and beliefs of theirclients.

Our funeral home located at 4500 rue de Verdun in Verdun (in front of Verdun metro station), has two visitation rooms and a reception hall. Our visitation rooms can each accommodate 40 people. We also have parking available for our clients.

Our mission is to provide bereaved families a simple, professional service, without a lot of extras, for a low cost, all while ensuring that the deceased one’s wishes are respected.

Whether you chose a pre-arrangement plan or plan a service for a loved one, our goal is to offer you all the services at the lowest prices around, and to respect your wishes. All our packages cost under $2500. Our basic service starts at $687.00 + tax, without hidden fees.

Our home offers all the products and services that the larger funeral homes provide.
We can meet with you at our salon or at your home.